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We are trusted by multiple Brokers, Agencies and Contractors because of the premier services our freindly team are able to offer.


What We Do

Daily Multiple Pay Rolls

To ensure a fair payment that allows monetary benefits purely based on the amount of work contributed, multiple pay rolls per day are provided that count every unit of time that has been invested into the company’s work.

Queries Regarding HMRC

All queries regarding HMRC is answered here. The extremely important revenue system followed all across the country is a way of collection of tax for minimum wage support from the UK, is treated with priority.

Individual Attention

Each person is important to us. We understand every individual deal with different problems and different requirements. We cater individually to each of them to ensure that they do not feel unattended.

Effective Tax Advice

The team ensures end to end guidance on all matters. Taxation is a concept a lot of people find hard to calculate and execute. Ritz solution tries to save the efforts by providing crisp advices.

Remuneration Packages

We’ve always had an eye for good work and have ensured to reward the respective individual with monetary / non-monetary rewards as a token of appreciation for the effort and accomplishment.

HR Assistance

The HR team is approachable and friendly enough to ensure that the employees can speak about any of their issues/ requirements to the team without the fear of the losing their contract.


What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company is a company that employs agency contractors who work on temporary contract assignments, usually through a recruitment agency in the United Kingdom. They occupy an important niche in the contracting market and are the main alternative to setting up your own limited company.

Why Ritz Solutions?

Ritz Solution has put together an industry-leading package, including great rates, provision of allowable expenses, flexible holiday arrangements, competitive pension scheme & access to liquid perks, a fantastic employee reward scheme giving our employees over £800 per year in savings.

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What People Are Saying

Staff are always professional, helpful and friendly, and really do go the extra mile to help. I’m a very happy customer and will be using your services as long as possible.


Ritz Solutions is simple and everything was explained to me and my account manager was always easy to get hold of and very helpful.

Lesley R

So far no complaints, you’re streets ahead of a certain LARGE Umbrella company, I never received a straight, understandable or satisfactory reply from them, ever!

Steve V

Good experience, fast payment and better pay than PAYE. If I go LTD again I will be sure to use you.

Catherine J

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