Andrea Leadsom just got to see the effect of the Loan Charge 2019 on the families of contractors. This happened when she had an emotional conversation with the daughter of the deceased contractor who committed suicide because of the April tax.

Initially, the South Northamptonshire’s Tory MP was supposed to be focusing on the promotion of her prime minister campaign in an interview with LBC. While talking about affordable housing and Brexit—which the listeners chose as the topics to question the MP of her future plans if she becomes the prime minister—a call came from Gail, a girl who phoned from Bristol. Gail said the following.

“I’m the daughter of a loan charge suicide victim. The treatment of these contractors is disgusting. How many more people do we have to lose?”

Ms.Leadsom is not one of the 150 MPs who was a signatory for the EDM against the Loan Charge. The bereaved daughter asked her: “When will you put an immediate stop to the loan charge and review it?”

After the MP was able to give out some initial answers, the host of the show Mr. Dale explained that a review had already been conducted. Ms. Leadsom agreed that a limited review was carried out previously. She explained that she studied loan charge for her constituents and applauded HMRC’s recent comments against the current circumstances.

According to the victim’s personal experience, HMRC delays can cost a life. She explained how her father dealt with all the deadlines; however, he was forced to wait a lot. After some months, he could not bear the pressure and took his own life. As a consequence, his family has to wait for now.

When the victim was finished with her account, Mr. Dale praised her bravery in a time of adversity. Ms. Leadsom was moved and apologized to the victim. While she acknowledged the need for surety in business affairs, she explained that it is also important to ensure that people pay their tax share.

On Tuesday afternoon, a busy meeting of advisers MPs, and volunteers was hosted by the Loan Charge APPG. These individuals have been worried about how HMRC has been treating taxpayers and how the charge is going to affect them. It was also established that the House of Commons’ Members were also misinformed.

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