A prominent MP-panel’s chair extended an invitation to Philip Hammond so he can offer an explanation after his allegations that the LCAG employs those individuals who have promoted disguised remuneration schemes.

Nicky Morgan wrote a letter to the chancellor and inquired whether or not he plans to clarify or amend his stance for the Treasury Select Committee, particularly after he was unable to prove his claims.

Last month, Mr. Hammond disclosed to the committee that he believes that the LCAG consists of individuals that have promoted DR schemes and they have admitted this all by themselves.

However, Ms. Morgan explained in her letter that the Loan Charge Action Group revealed that their members fund them through individual subscriptions and refer to themselves as an “independent action group”.

She also highlighted the letter of the Loan Charge All Party Parliamentary Group’s chair: Sir Ed Davey that describes that LCAG has not included any individual who promoted the avoidance schemes. LCAG also unveiled that they are currently constructing a response for Mr. Hammond’s allegation.

Ms. Morgan in her letter passed a message to the chancellor that dictates that his reply—regardless of the fact that he plans to clarify or amend the record—are planned to be put on the website of the Treasury Select Committee.

The Loan Charge Action Group twitted her letter and stated that “The chancellor is [being] asked…to reconsider his misleading statements to the Treasury Select Committee about LCAG and the Loan Charge APPG.”

The group also expressed a sense of dissatisfaction with the government’s lack of honesty regarding the need of a Loan Charge Review.

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