The newly-appointed Treasury’s financial secretary has become overwhelmed with the number of requests that he has to delay, suspend, and conduct a fair Loan Charge 2019 review.

On Thursday, Jesse Norman MP got this role, while he was initially appealed a day later by the LCAG to sever ties with Mel Stride, his predecessor.

The appeal was put forward by Steve Packham from LCAG who is confident that Mr. Stride is not fit enough to serve as the Treasury minister—at the same time, he rejected pleas from his fellow MPs who wanted to delay and then review the Loan Charge.

Mr. Packham requested the new financial secretary to bring highly-needed integrity to the HMT—similar calls have come for the MP from others as well.

The Loan Charge APPG extended a congratulatory message on Twitter, “We congratulate Jesse Norman on becoming…financial secretary to the Treasury. We urge you to listen to the majority of MPs including Conservatives and change course on the loan charge and announce an immediate suspension and an independent review.”

Keith Gordon QC, known for identifying around 20 errors in a loan charge factsheet of HMRC, contacted Mr. Norman as well. He stressed that the new secretary holds a major responsibility of the loan charge, legislation that currently receives resistance from 200+ MPs and the House of Lords.

Ruth Cadbury from Labour Party said on Friday that there is no doubt that all the political parties in the Commons defy the loan charge. She expressed hope that after the legislation is delayed and an independent review is conducted, the focus is shifted towards the hundreds and thousands of people who were affected by the loan charge; by now, they have already at a low ebb in their lives.

Ruth Cadbury, who is also the APPG’s joint-vice chair, was actually talking about the replacement of Theresa May’s as the PM—earlier she vowed to relinquish her position on 7th June 2019.

Mr. Norman expressed regret for his leave from the transport sector; however, he was still happy to become a Treasury minister. The Loan Charge APPG recommended Mr. Norman to start by putting a stop to the loan charge because of which HMRC persecuted individuals for retrospective tax which was legally unproven.

Mr. Norman’s appointment has been seen as a new ray of light where it is expected that he will avoid repeating the highly-controversial attitude of his predecessor.

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