Loan Charge APPG has decided to request contractors for explaining their current and future predicaments along with supporting evidence.

Earlier, the APPG recorded statements from advisers and professionals and stated that it is interested to hear first-hand experience from those who have been directly affected. The deadline for these hearings is February 25th. This is because the Treasury plans to hold a review on March 30th.

According to the All Party Parliamentary Group website, the probe is going to go over an extensive list of issues which includes the powers, promoters, legal status, and claims by the HMRC.

However, the contractors are mostly concerned with the current “reality” since two months remain before the final implementation of Loan Charge.

APPG stated the following,

“The level of liabilities and the impact the Loan Charge will have on individuals, their financial situations, their lives and families and career. HMRC’s record when dealing with affected taxpayers, the time frame in which people have been informed about their liabilities and in particular, the arrangements being proposed for repayment and whether they are realistic and affordable for those facing them.”

Those contractors who want their voice to be heard can reply to the All Party Parliamentary Group’s probe by submitting their documents on PDF or MS Word format. The word limit is set to 2,500. They are recommended to do the following.

  1. Write the name of the person who is submitting the form.
  2. Add some information about the affected person.
  3. Mention whether the submission should be anonymous or confidential.
  4. Send your documents to the email address here.

Sir Davey, who originally compelled the government in assessing the charge and is now the leader of the All Party Parliamentary Group, proved his insights on the matter. He stated that irrespective of the attempts to reveal new evidence, it is expected that the April tax will remain untouched. He emphasized on the importance of the review as the livelihoods of several workers are at stake.

The All Party Parliamentary Group’s vice-chair, Ms.Cadbury, explained that people from around the nation are contacting MPs and are revealing the effect of Loan Charge on their lives and families. She noted that several people inquired about the justification on the implementation method of the reform.

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