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The Impact Brexit on the Future of Contractors

Theresa May’s defeat by voting for the Brexit deal is a bad omen for the contractors, as their transition period is threatened to be removed which facilitated them to remain untouched in freelancing till 2020. Contractors are distressed over the implications of Brexit...

The Government’s Continues to Ignore Past Lessons

Gregory Campbell, the DUP Spokesperson of the Cabinet Office, had his fair share of questions at the House of Commons this week. Mr. Campbell inquired “if [the Chancellor of the Exchequer] will make an assessment of the implications for his tax policies of the...

LCAG Wins Against the Government!

Government to Review the Loan Charge Following the Efforts of the Supportive MPs! The government has faced a huge defeat as cross-party MPs joined hands against the highly controversial 2019 Loan Charge. The efforts from the Conservatives were in vain as the...

MPs Rally Against the 2019 Loan Charge

Sir Edward Davey, the MP who originally raised the voice on the 2019 Loan Charge, has revealed his reasoning behind the resistance against the retrospective nature of the charge. Mr. Davey reasons that the government’s vision to bring the charge for preventing ‘future...

PM Theresa May Acknowledges the Loan Charge

PM Theresa May has become involved in the Loan Charge 2019 as the amendment for the retrospective contractor tax gained success. It was stated by the Prime Minister that the government has acknowledged the review after Sir Ed Davey’s efforts in introducing the...

Contractors Await Voting on 2019 Loan Charge Amendment

Soon, contractors are expected to see the results of their local MP’s voting on the amendment pertaining to the Finance Bill. The amendment demands a review of the Loan Charge 2019. The consideration for the amendment was proposed by Sir Edward Davey as it is...

Regulations for Umbrella Companies in UK

The government has finally unveiled its strategy on the regulations pertaining to umbrella companies. The business department constructed a reply against the Taylor Review. It states that regulations from the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate would now cover...

Experts Advise SMEs to Offer Salary Sacrifice Option

A survey carried out by the consultancy firm LCP and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that most Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK don't offer pension salary sacrifice to staff, which can reduce the national insurance bill...

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