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The Loan Charge APPG Rejects the Treasury Report

The Treasury’s recently published report has attracted a lot of criticism, and it is being referred to as a “cynical and misleading attempt at the justification of an unjust policy” by the Loan Charge APPG. They accused the HMRC and Treasury for “evading proper...

Lorraine Kelly Won Fair and Square against the HMRC

Previously, in an IR35 tribunal, the popular TV host Lorraine Kelly made headlines as she defeated the HMRC. However, this was not the only such case on a famous media personality. A year ago, the HMRC forced Christa Ackroyd, a BBC presenter, to pay around £400,000....

Will the HMRC Use DRD against the Taxpayers?

The 2019 LC (Loan Charge) has begun to be associated with a sparingly used power that HMRC can prepare to use against taxpayers if it assesses them to owe without registering for settlements. The power in discussion is the ‘Direct Recovery of Debts’ (DRD) which was...

Statutory Changes for Employees from 6th April 2019

As April nears, employers must ensure that they are well set to apply increases in the statutory pay. They have to comply with some other mandatory rule changes as well. These modifications are expected to be implemented from the next month. National Minimum Wage and...

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