The LCAG (Loan Charge Action Group) co-founder, Steve Packham has called up all the contractors to resist the Loan Charge, while doing so he described a historical incident.

Back in 1215, King John of England was notorious for numerous violations against ancient customs and laws of England. The English Barons then held negotiations and got his signature on the Magna Carta. Magna Carta went on to become the foundation of basic human rights. With the passage of time, it evolved and spread through the world.

Magna Carta is a Latin word for “the Great Charter of the Liberties”. This set of rights makes it mandatory for all the free citizens who inherit and own property to get protection; more importantly, they are protected from unfair and excessive taxes.

Today, Mr. Packham writes that after more than 800 years, the current exchequer’s chancellor, the Runnymede MP, broke the UK Rule of Law and Magna Carta single-handedly. Packham believes that this is a dishonest attempt by the government to collect money as it is being masked as an initiative against tax avoidance. However, he believes that the chancellor has let the global brands and his affluent friends to get away by paying only minimal taxes.

On this Saturday, 15th June, the LCAG protestors have decided to gather at the Runnymede and Weybridge—the constituency of Philip Hammond. They intend to inform his constituents about his conduct, especially how the despicable and arrogant attitude adopted by him and his Treasury Ministers managed to rip off those basic human rights which are considered “sacrosanct” in the UK.

Packham made a public appeal and asked all those who have put a price on their democratic freedom—even if they are not a victim of the loan charge—to gather at the Magna Carta’s historic monument and demand the dismissal of the “Bad Chancellor Philip” (who has drawn parallels with the notorious King John of England) for his part in coming up with the loan charge tax.

Due to the reform’s unfair nature, the lives of many contractors, workers, and pensioners hang in the balance. What’s more frightening is that it has already triggered a number of exercises. Therefore, Packham hopes that after a new chancellor is appointed, they stop clamping down the contractors and introduce more just and fair tax reforms.

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